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What's the advantage of label semi-rotary die cutting machine?

Some people always asked what the difference between semi-rotary die and full-rotary die?

Basically, the semi-rotary die cutting unit combines the advantages of a flatbed die cutting system and a rotary die cutting system. which listed as below: 

1. Save the magnetic cylinder cost.

It allows the use of flexible magnetic dies with many different size ups on the same cylinder, For example, the Die Cutting Repeat Range is 95mm-380mm of 150Z, It can fit any size between it ideally.

2. Save the flexible die plate cost.

The flexible die cutting plate is just a part around the magnetic cylinder of semi-rotary, less expense than the full circle of full rotary.

3. one key interchange between semi-rotary & full-rotary.

The semi-rotary has two modes for transfer, it can swift to full-rotary mode anytime if necessary.

In one word, the semi-rotary is suitable for the small & various order, If there has huge order suddenly, one key interchange to the full-rotary mode any time. Normally, the die cutting speed of full rotary is double faster than the semi-rotary.

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