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What is IML? 4 reasons to tell you why the In-mold labels are getting boost year by year?

Firstly, What is IML?

IML is In-mold label.

It refers to the special label paper made of PP or PE synthetic paper treated on the surface and coated with a special hot-melt adhesive on the back and printed into a trademark. Use the manipulator to suck up the printed label and place it in the mold, and the vacuum hole in the mold will firmly absorb the label in the mold. When the raw material of the plastic bottle is heated and sagging into a hose, the mold with the label closes quickly, and the air is blown into the hose to make it close to the mold wall, at this time the temperature in the whole mold is still relatively high. the label solid adhesive close to the prototype of the bottle body begins to melt and combine with the plastic bottle body in the mold. So when the mold is opened again, the plastic bottle body is formed, and the label and the bottle body are integrated.

So that the beautifully printed trademark is firmly embedded on the surface of the plastic products, the label, and the plastic bottle are on the same surface, there is no label, and the color picture and text are printed directly on the surface of the bottle.

why the In-mold labels boost in China market year by year?

1. Eco-friendly environment--Benefit of the implementation of the new environmental protection law from the Chinese government, the in-mold label has excellent recyclability; the in-mold trademark is made of polyolefin material. It can be pulverized and reused together with the container without peeling. No secondary pollution occurred.

Improve the hygiene and safety of the packaged products, and prevent environmental pollution caused by secondary printing and labeling.

2. Cost--Brand considers the comprehensive cost which is significantly lower than the traditional label and direct silkscreen and environmental protection.

3. Brand protest--It directly enhances the anti-counterfeiting function of the product and better meets the brand protection needs. Because the process needs to be completed by the robot system, there is a certain threshold in terms of capital and technology.

4. Application--In-mold label with exquisite printing, can do laser, aluminum plating, and other special effects, so the product packaging grades greatly improved. the form is novel and beautiful, not easy to fall off, damage, waterproof, oil, mildew.

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