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What can you do with the digital IML hybrid label finishing solution?

At present, the hybrid finishing machine can make Varnish, Cold foil, Die-cutting, Lamination, or simple printing...

1. Varnish

In order to improve the glossiness of the in-mold label and the surface decoration characteristics of the product, and in order to improve the friction resistance and high-temperature resistance of the in-mold label, the in-mold label can be varnished after printing.

When labeling, if you use vacuum adsorption mold labels, you should add antistatic agents and adjust the smoothness of varnish; if you use electrostatic adsorption mold labels, you should not add antistatic agents; if you add additives on the varnish, you should test before vanishing to avoid scrapping the whole batch of products.

2. Cold Foil

Cold foil is mainly used for flexographic printing, the use of cold foil to obtain a better visual effect requires higher technology, If the customer can accept the visual effect, this technology is recommended. On the whole, foil can improve the added value of in-mold labels.

3. Die-cutting.

The die-cutting is very similar to the die-cutting of playing cards, which is cut-off die-cutting. As die-cutting is the last processing process of in-die labels, electrostatic removal during die-cutting is very important, because poor static removal will lead to irregular stacking, resulting in inaccurate labeling position and double sheets, and other problems.

In-mold label die-cutting is divided into sheet feeding die-cutting and roll feeding die-cutting two ways, usually, flatbed die-cutting & rotary die-cutting are suitable for rolling feeding. the specific use of which way, according to the manufacturer's equipment and in-mold label material types.

a. Flatbed die-cutting: roll feeding, which is an off-line die-cutting method with very high die-cutting precision+/0.15mm, we call the flat-bed die-cutting, which only moves up and down, The labels after die-cutting sent to the stacking station via the conveyor belt, see below video.

b. Rotary die-cutting is with roll feeding, which is the most perfect die-cutting method at present, its die-cutting precision is very high, 0.15cm, suitable for mass order production. there has semi-rotary(intermittent cutting) die-cutting & full rotary die-cutting.

Remi-rotary is suitable for the small & various order, If there has huge order suddenly, one key interchange to the full-rotary mode any time. Normally, the die-cutting speed of a full rotary is double faster than the semi-rotary, below video for reference.

c. Sheet-fed die-cutting is suitable for sheet-fed die-cutting label material, which is an off-line die-cutting method with general processing accuracy. Feeding by an automatic paper feeder, and the waste is discharged automatically after die-cutting, and the finished product label is placed on the stacking station by the manipulator.

4. Lamination

Lamination has two ways, over-lamination or UV lamination.

Over lamination proceed with the film, UV lamination should proceed through UV dryer.

So the flexo station can do the Varnish, cold foil, UV lamination, simple print.

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