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How to cut the IML label as easy as the pressure-sensitive label? Half-cutting system is the answer.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Regarding the IML die-cutting, our aim is to make the IML cutting as easy as the PS label, you maybe see the IML finishing machines in the market that are all full-cutting. We made this innovation of the upgrading half-cut system, base on our current customer's feedback (Already had over 30sets installment in China mainland), the half-cut has big benefit than the full-cut. Principle: So what's the main principle of it? It imitates the adhesive label cutting way, feeding 55Micro linear below IML layer, protecting the magnetic knife won't touch with the support cylinder directly due to the linear insert. This innovation designed by our engineer with over 20 years of experience, its unique design in the world.  Application: As you know, IML for injection mold is much difficult for cutting as its single layer, if the thickness reaches Micro50~60 with the strong intensity, the half-cutting system is necessary or the solid die-cutter as an alternative, but the solid die-cutter cost is quite high, nevertheless the full-cutting solution is useless on it.

Benefits 1. Reduce the high-precision requirement of a magnetic knife. Under the traditional full-cut system, quite a lot of label manufacturers can't offer the competitive price caused by the high-precision requirement of the magnetic knife.  2. Prolong the lifetime of a magnetic knife, it will prolong 30% lifetime at least.   That's why the adhesive label cutting is much easier than IML. this upgrading half-cut system gets a good solution for these two-points.  However even the feeding linear is recycle, but it's not for forever, it needs to change after every period, it needs to consider the order status to apply the half-cutting system.

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