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How to make the IML cutting as easy as the "sticker-adhesive label?Half-cutting system is the answer

Base on our current customer's feedback (we sold over 20sets in China mainland), half-cut has a big benefit than full-cut, much longer service life than the full-cut system, and lower requirement of knife precision.

Half-cutting system imitates the adhesive label cutting way, feeding 55Micro linear below IML, protecting the magnetic knife won't touch with the support cylinder directly per linear insert, which designed by our engineer over 20 years experience in the label converting field.  

FAQ of IML upgrading Half-cut system

1. Q: What’s the difference of facility?

A: Increase 1 web guiding, 1 unwinder, 1 rewinder after upgrading.

2. Q: How the half-cut system work?

A: Imitating the adhesive label die cutting work way, feeding the IML label with 55Micro glassine liner together, only cut through the IML, get good substrate protection by the liner.

P.S: The glassine liner is recyclable.

3. Q: What’s the benefit?

Per the magnetic knife won’t touch with the support cylinder directly, less abrasion, the service life will be much longer than full-cutting. 

The lower requirement of the knife precision, like the cutting edge request. 

The previous full-cut system, quite a lot label manufacturer can't offer the competitive price caused by the high-precision requirement of the magnetic knife, also the limitation of knife service time, that's why the adhesive label cutting is much easier than IML. this upgrading half-cut system gets a good solution of this two-point.

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