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how to apply the "self-adhesive labels"​ for the different containers on one labeling applicator?

It's a big headache for you?--it needs to invest the new applicator continuously when you face to the different size bottles and different shaped bottles labeling? round, oval, square, rectangle, irregular...big, small, tiny...

All below bottles are labeling by the same machine.

Here is the solution--the maximum flexibility labeler, one machine cater for different shapes, different size bottles, it's big benefits for quick launch the products to the market.


1. save the mold preparing time, special for the short-run order, the lead time will be controlled well.

2. Waive off the mold cost.

3. Save the new machine cost, a genuine one-time investment for a lifetime benefit.

4. Easy setting to transfer another style bottles, 10min. will be well-done.


What's the limitation?

the multifunctional labeling applicator mainly focuses on the body size are the same between upper & down(like round, oval, square, rectangle...)

But like spot, the sizes are different from upper & down, won't suitable.

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