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How to convert the short-run digital labels in an highest-efficient way?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

You must know it, the digital printer is getting more and more popular, so what caused this situation?

People's lifestyle is changing, highlight self, do not like to take the mass line, do not like to wait, require the high efficiency, timely to meet the demand. In such a complicated market, short and fast orders with different styles are increasing rapidly. The digital printer is the product of the demands in the modern age, however, the digital plotter cutting machine is the perfect mate for a digital printer, high ROI equipment.

You must feel the pain points for the traditional label finishing machine as below.

1. Continuous expenses for the die-cutter & cylinder

2. Long lead time to make the die-cutter & cylinder

3. Cutting accuracy 0.15~0.1mm

4. Cost much time to mount the cylinder & different job trial

5. Engineer instruction is necessary, usually 2~3workers

Solution by digital plotter cutting machine, what are the advantages?

1. No die cutter anymore, no continuous expenses in the future.

2. No need to wait anymore

3. Reach to 0.05mm by CCD intelligent registration system

4. Easy for change over in 5min. for different shapes & jobs.

5. Fully auto registration with easy operation, 1 worker is enough.

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