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!!!!!! helooooooooo waichuu..... wujie are you there hi sysopt: so you want to install it on /boot? tomreyn: yes sysopt: that's not a standard way to install ubuntu (or other debian derivatives). sysopt: you may want to consider a fully separate /boot partition, or have just /home mounted there tomreyn: i want to have a small ssd but i still want to save some space to it tomreyn: i will split it into two sysopt: see i have too much of partitions already. i don't think you really need to have separate partitions then. but it's up to you. you can always split things up later. sds are cheap. buying more makes no sense (unless the ssd is about to fail soon) tomreyn: the thing is that i have this space in boot that i want to use for kernel, i just dont know how to do it.. i see tomreyn: i want to put it in /boot/efi so i can dual boot windows/ubuntu ah the thing is i dont have a bootable partition so i tried to make one but it failed sysopt: i'm not sure where the kernel (and other) boot files are installed then, but you could try to install them in /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi that may not work in some cases, though. can you boot your computer using other operating systems? tomreyn: yes but windows has issues with linux, is there a way to have an easy way to boot ubuntu/windows tomreyn: yes i can boot linux tomreyn:




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Warhammer 40k Space Marine No Steam Crack karhely

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