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PA250 Shrink sleeve seaming machine

Working path

Unwind--web guide--Trim edge removal--Micro hole/Perforation--folding--gluing--seaming--rewind


1. Fully motor-driven, which has automatic tension control.

2. Speed: the top speed can reach 450~500M/min.

3. Wide range final sleeve label width: 30mm-250mm. 

4. Cutting-edge web guiding.

5. With an easy-tear line device.

6. With Trim-edge removal. 

7. Auto-gluing device: Automatic gluing device, quite easy to operate.

8. With a micro-hole device, it can install after seaming or before seaming.(Includes)

9. Snake rewind: the snake swing motor application for the tight rewinding.

10. Auto stroboscope: Convenient visual inspection at the high speed.

11. AUTO-WIDTH MEASUREMENT by the width motor-driven, if the seaming width is beyond the tolerance 0.5mm of this industry standard, it will adjust it automatically.

This seaming machine usually control the tolerance within 0.3mm.


PA 250 SPEC.jpg


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