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T350 Automatic Non-Stop Turret Rewinder



The turret rewinder can be connected with the printer, die-cutting machine, slitting machine, or other equipment, from loading the paper core to rewind in the roll, then unloading automatically with non-stop.

It is time to free your hands, get this machine to finish the repeat & boring work.

Automatic core gluing system.

Automatic core loading tray.

Automatic roll ejector and finished roll tray.

Automatic spindle inflates/deflate.

Automatic transfer initiated by length count or push-button.

Automatic speed matched transfer at the processing speed Servo driven spindles.

PLC controls with the touch screen.

Four cantilevered roll positions with quick-change pneumatic spindles.

Speed matched encoder.

Close-loop tension control.

T330 automatic non-stop turret rewinder.


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