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M370 delam/relam finishing machine

Working path

Unwind--web guide--Buffer unit--Delam--flexo printing--Relam--Turn bar--die-cutting--Snowball waste rewinder--Semi-turret rewinder/rewinder


I: Semi/full Flexo station

-Servo drove tension control, quick removal of ink cassette, easy mounting of the doctor blade.

-Multi-function: UV laminating, varnishing, cold foil, or printing.

-the semi-rotary unit uses for spot varnish.

One key interchange between semi & full flexo mode. 


II. Semi/Full rotary die-cutting unit

-Servo driven

-1 magnet cylinder

-Automatic registration for 2nd pass

-Waste rewind

-One key exchanged full and semi mode

III: Buffer Unit 

IV: Turn bar

V: Delam/Relam 

VI: Automatic registration system

-Accurate, fast, and easy operation,

the registered waste is controlled within 1~2meter.

F. Additional: 

-Moveable Touch Screen operation interface.

-Deviation rectification control

-Corona Unit

-Gap master and presure meter


M370 delam relam.jpg


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