Double Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine


Simplicity, Accuracy & Efficiency


The double head full automatic shrink sleeve applicators and systems are used in a wide variety of industries including fluid milk, craft beer, ready-to-drink beverages, cosmetics, home care products, and personal care products.

The applicators are capable of performing up to five key sleeving applications:


Full body sleeves

Full body over-the-cap sleeves

Partial body sleeves

Tamper evident bands

Bottom wrap


Bottle decoration will make:

360-degree graphics for maximum brand impact

Fits most containers and can contour to special shapes.

No adhesive makes containers reusable.

Scuff resistant by reverse printing


We off the low, medium, and high speed from 18000~72000BPH by the double head.

There have 5 models within double head range.


PA2600 double head shrink sleeve labelin